Freezing Action. Beau Pro-Dancers workshop today.

Posted by on Dec 1, 2010 in Fine Arts, Recent Posts

Lesson learnt today. Freeze the moment. Appreciate what pro-dancers can do. Ask them what is their best? You might be surprised how creative they can go. Embrace the moment. Vary the lighting and camera settings. Have fun.

And video from Vanarts:

Motion Blur and dancing couple… with Ian Hylands

Posted by on Nov 30, 2010 in Fine Arts, Recent Posts

Had a nice day at Vanarts with Ian Hylands (shooting actions and sports).

Creative blur studies. Dynamics of dancing are better represented by capturing the unseen.. Motions and emotions… Used variety of lens blur techniques: zooming in and out, twisting, panning, etc.

Actors headshots

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In this episode, students in our Digital Photography program work together with our Acting students creating their professional head shots. The workshop was led by the husband-wife team of Ross den Otter and Sarolta Dobi from Pink Monkey Studios.

And here is the final portrait of charming Tori Grant:


"Small Strobes – Big Ideas" with Joe McNally

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I finally got a good excuse to start my photography blog. Yesterday, i had my first exhibition ever at Photohausgallery.

I got the whole wall for my work to be displayed there since 7 photographs made it through the admission competition. Thanks to Mark Koegel from Vancouver Photo Workshops who organized that event, printed and framed my photographs and hosted Joe McNally’s visit to Vancouver.

Here are my winners:

Internationally acclaimed master photographer Joe McNally from NYC was in attendance and we had few moments to chat (pictured below):

My amazing teachers from Vanarts Kaj Svensson and Ian McGuffie (pictured below):

And family: :)

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