It is official now! I am very excited to announce that we have signed a contract with  ArtStar Props Inc who will be representing  my creative photography on the local art market.  ArtStar Props is specializing in creating custom art work for movie and film industries and representing local artists – the business focus is to support the local arts community. Recently, I had a pleasure of working together with Amber Boorman (the founder of ArtStar Props) at TEDxCapU, where Amber was in charge of the event decoration – you should see her work – amazing! And she is such a bundle of joy and originality this lady. Check out my previous blog on TEDxCapU for more details and photo reportage. I have to mention as well, that  ArtStar Props  and Barry Kaiser as a team created an outstanding video clip – a teaser for TEDxCapU.

Meet the team (Barry, Amber and Josh):


We are planning to do some very serious business together with ArtStar Props! Lots of inspiring ideas and did I mentioned that they are just so fun people to be around as well?

Below (for the curious ones and those who read up to this point lol) is just one of my collections that is now represented by ArtStar Props. Check out their website for more info!






  1. These are stunning Kira – I’ve looked through twice already and I’m supposed to be working!

  2. Congrats Kira! Very exciting news. I am very happy for you :)

  3. Wonderful photos!

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