Mobileography exhibition at PhotoHausGallery had an opening night yesterday.

Amusing collection of work by 40 artists was on the display. Quite original pictures can be taken with the mobile phones these days.  This just proves the fact that one should not be limited by the availability of the expensive equipment and software – it is all about the vision of the photographer and the moment captured just in time.

My contribution to the exhibit:


Thanks to  Marc Koegel, Syx Langenmann and John Biehler for the insights given during the panel discussion prior to the show.

I have downloaded a new app today for my iPhone – it is called LemeLeme and this is such a fun toy. One of the features i enjoy the most is the ability to do double exposures! Awee!

There is an example of LemeLeme effect you can get. Just out of camera!


Love new technologies!


See more details from PhotoHausGallery

And even more in the  “The Province



  1. Very impressive!

  2. Michael


    That photo looks like you – though you do not say it is a self-portrait. Fun shot!


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